Q: What is Open Streets?

A: Open Streets initiatives temporarily close public streets to motorized traffic so that people may use them for walking, bicycling, dancing, playing, and socializing. For one day, or a series of days throughout the year, communities are able to use public streets as creative spaces for community building, art, fitness, and play. Open Streets events happen throughout the US and Canada, and have been organized in several Oregon cities including Portland, Eugene, Salem, Hood River, and Bend.

Our goals:

  • Have a positive impact on community livability by connecting neighborhoods and neighbors.
  • Improve the health and wellness of Corvallis residents.
  • Encourage walking, biking and other forms of active transportation.
  • Increase awareness of sustainable transportation options.
  • Foster new, creative partnerships that put money back into the local economy.

Q: When is Open Streets Corvallis?

A: The 3rd annual Open Streets Corvallis event is Sunday, August 14, 2022. Two miles of neighborhood streets will be closed to automobile traffic and opened to the community for walking, biking, and playing. At either end of the route, activity hubs in public parks will include food, a food court, stages and activities.

Q: What time will the street be closed?

A: The street closure starts at 9 am and lasts until 6 pm. People living in the affected neighborhoods will be given advance notice before and on event day.

Q: I live on the route. Will I be able to get in and out during the street closure?

A: Yes. You can get to and from your home at all times, but we encourage you to limit or postpone trips by car. Volunteers are available to escort you to or from your home. Please drive at walking pace so a volunteer can comfortably accompany you. Drivers must take the first opportunity to turn off of the route. Thank you for keeping participants safe!

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: Since this is a family friendly event and not everyone is comfortable around animals, we discourage you from bringing them. Many city parks are designated no dogs parks, even on leash.

Q: Will there be food or alcohol at the event?

A: Food and beverages are available for purchase in the parks, including alcohol. Please have your ID ready!

Q: Will there be bus service near the event route?

A: Yes! The Corvallis Transit System provides limited bus service on Sundays. Route 1 drops off near Arnold Park and Route 5 drops off three blocks from Chintimini Park. Consider joining a bike caravan. Peak Sports also has bicycles for rent.

Q: Where can I park?

A: Bicycle parking will be available at each park. We encourage everyone to bike, walk, skate, or ride the bus to the event. Otherwise, you may park on streets where parking is allowed outside of the route, but be mindful of all “No Parking” and “Residents Only” signs. Disabled parking is available outside event route boundaries. Please do not park in parking lots of local businesses along the route (you may end up towed)! Event and parking maps coming soon.

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