Street Projects & Placemaking

Neighborhood Bikeways 

Neighborhood Bikeways can include street features that enhance community livability by blending elements of a safe, multi-modal transportation route with environmentally friendly street treatments, such as bioswales. You can read more about Neighborhood Bikeways in the Corvallis Transportation System Plan overview and library. Potential projects in the TSP inform our decision about where to demonstrate street features that support walkable, bikeable neighborhoods. 

You can experience these street features every year at our festival!

2019 Project

The Southtown Neighborhood Bikeway will travel briefly along Alexander, where Bethel and Thompson are offset. A center left turn bike lane on Alexander will help people on bikes to turn left comfortably and avoid conflicts with drivers. You will see temporary chalk paint on Alexander defining the bike lane. During the demonstration, there will be no on-street parking on either side of Alexander at this span of the road.

What else You’ll See

Temporary rain gardens will show how green street features, such as bioswales, could be used to slow traffic and beautify the street for people walking and biking.

Sharrows indicate to people on bikes that they are on a Neighborhood Bikeway, and remind motorists to share the road.

legacy projects

Open Streets Corvallis features a different neighborhood every year. In these neighborhoods, there is potential to demonstrate a TSP project and temporarily build street features people can explore. Our goal is to leave a legacy project in each neighborhood – inspired by the temporary installation at Open Streets Corvallis.

In 2018, we reimagined accessibility and safety for pedestrians and bicyclists at the five-way intersection of Coolidge, 29th & Grant. Our temporary street demonstration was in place for 10 days. On event day, First Alternative Co-op hosted a mini-festival in the street and tiny park adjacent to our installation.

In 2017, 11th Street was chosen as a demonstration site because of its residential character, use as a link between three public schools and Oregon State University, and its proximity to Dixon Creek. As of spring 2019, the design phase for a permanent project is complete.

Placemaking is an experience and connection wrapped in a memory.

Placemaking projects are tangible proof that people-power can reinvigorate a shared space to grow a healthy and vibrant community.

Better Block Corvallis is a lending library of things people can borrow for neighborhood activities. Look for our project launch at Open Streets Corvallis 2019.

Open Streets Corvallis is a joint initiative of Corvallis Bicycle Collective and City of Corvallis Active Transportation Program.