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Open Streets took a break in 2020 and 2021, but we are now busy planning what 2022 will look like. Save the date for Sunday, August 14, 2022, 12 – 4 p.m.

Once our plan is locked, we’ll have posted here first.
We can’t wait to tell you more! 

Neighborhood Participation

2019 – Host an Activity

Sponsor Open Streets

2019 – Sponsor or Host an Activity

2019 Sponsorship Packet

Show your support for community livability by being an event sponsor! Choose your level of support, starting at $150.

Thank you for championing our streets as places to walk, bike, and play!

Neighbors on the event route are invited to set up mini-events in their front yards. What ideas will you bring? Here are some of ours:

  • Ping-pong table
  • Charades- circle of chairs, box of ideas in the middle
  • Rock painting station
  • Recipe giveaway
  • Wet sponge bullseye
  • A front yard salon! Braid hair, let people give themselves pedicures, soak their feet
  • Aromatherapy tent
  • Giant bubbles
  • Bike-wash station
  • Sprinkler obstacle course with pool noodles
  • Fortune teller
  • Selfie booth with props/costumes
  • Dog washing station and/or water bowls + waste bags
  • Set up a lounge – chairs, hammocks, rugs, ambiance
  • Music (Bagpipers, we’re looking at you.)
  • Creative shade spaces

Build community through shared physical activity and fun!

Corvallis’ first Crosswalk Musical – songs from Grease.
The Flanger is people-powered, vertical-axis, rotating carnival ride. Power is transmitted from one of the bikes to the center drive mechanism by a hydraulic pump-motor circuit. The Flanger was built by Trevor Heald of Marys River Metal Work.

Need ideas? We’re full of them. Contact us.

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