Re-imagine our public spaces! Build community through shared physical activity and fun. What ideas will you bring? Here are some of ours:

    • Creative shade spaces
    • Foursquare court
    • Ping-pong table
    • Charades- circle of chairs, box of ideas in the middle
    • Rock painting station
    • Recipe giveaway
    • Wet sponge bullseye
    • A front yard salon! Braid hair, let people give themselves pedicures, soak their feet
    • Aromatherapy tent
    • Giant bubbles
    • Bike-wash station
    • Sprinkler obstacle course with pool noodles
    • Fortune teller
    • Selfie booth with props/costumes
    • Dog washing station and/or water bowls + waste bags
  • Set up a lounge – chairs, hammocks, rugs, ambiance
  • Music (Bagpipers, we’re looking at you.)

You can have an active role in creating safe streets where people want to walk, bike and play.

Sponsors at the Fun Level or higher host activities in the parks. It’s a great opportunity for people to connect and engage with your business and/or community group! Smaller street-side spaces are available along the route for a small fee. Neighbors who live along the event route may host a street-side activity for free.

Sign up! Be creative!

Neighborhood Bikeways 

Neighborhood Bikeways can include street features that enhance community livability by blending elements of a safe, multi-modal transportation route with environmentally friendly street treatments, such as bioswales. In 2017, 11th Street was chosen as a demonstration site because of its residential character, use as a link between three public schools and Oregon State University, and its proximity to Dixon Creek.