Community Shenanigans aka The Summer Games

Sometimes the best blog posts start with a call to action:

Come find The Summer Games at Open Streets on August 18!

In Lilly Park you’ll find The Resilience Project hosting 60-second autobiographies: sit down with a stranger for 60-seconds, find as many similarities as you can, then write a 60-second joint autobiography. Here’s an example composed by Resilience Project Directors, Executive & Creative:

their parents were married on July 1st, they have a thing for bad boys, love road trips, and are suckers for good stories.

Take a photo. Bam. Shenanigan points earned.

During an event-filled week from August 17-25, you can build a team, sign a waiver, get your Summer Games event list and engage in shenanigans, too!

Last year at Open Streets Corvallis, The Resilience Project hosted a Pop-Up Poetry booth in the triangle park at 27th and Coolidge . . . the park that, in our eyes, transformed from Sad Tree Park to Poetree Park over the course of the day. Pop-Up Poetry was part of The Summer Games, a list of shenanigans that pre-formed teams could do to earn points. For a medal. For fun.

How will you help us transform Open Streets Corvallis this year?

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