Eyes on the Street: Neighborhood Bikeways

Keep your eyes on the street for another Neighborhood Bikeway demonstration on August 19!  You may have heard these transportation corridors referred to as Bike Boulevards, Green Streets, or Neighborhood Greenways. Regardless of name, the vision for these streets is the same – “quiet”, low speed, low-stress side streets shared with motorists that feel safe for bicyclists and pedestrians and promote community within neighborhoods.

File_005 (2)

Neighborhood Bikeways encourage active transportation through simple street features such as:

  • pavement markings called sharrows – you know, the ones with a bicycle and v-shaped stripes indicating shared space for bicycles and vehicles;
  • diverters that move orkeep traffic on nearby busier streets;
  • speed humps, the name for wide, flattened speed bumps to slow traffic;
  • and curb bump-outs  or bulbs that both shorten crossing distances for people on foot and lower traffic speed.

Neighborhood Bikeways are a key part of a community’s low stress traffic network, which is designed to encourage active transportation for people of all ages and abilities. The routes for last year’s Open Streets event on 11th Street and this summer’s event on 27th Street were selected because they are streets identified as having the potential to become future Neighborhood Bikeways. Come find out for yourself when you walk, bike, and play with us on August 19th!

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