Pedal Corvallis: Your Neighborhood Bikeshare

Have you ever seen a collection of white bikes around town and wondered what they were? These bikes are part of Pedal Corvallis, your neighborhood bikeshare system.

Pedal Corvallis was launched as a pilot in the summer of 2016 with six stations and a vision to help more people get where they need to go by bike. Initially, there was some hesitation around town about the concept of bikeshare. In a community where so many people already own their bike, who would want to rent one? 

As it turns out, many riders have discovered the joys of low-maintenance bicycling through Pedal Corvallis. Over 12,000 trips have been taken since the program launched, and so far this year there has been an average of over 100 rides each week. OSU students in particular have become a core group of Pedal riders, as most rides start or end at one of the campus stations. 

Bikeshare gives people the ability to bike even if they are unable to own their own bicycle. Pedal Corvallis is great for anyone who can’t afford a bike, doesn’t have a secure place to store one, or doesn’t want the hassle of bike maintenance. Pedal bikes are also useful for running a quick errand over lunch or for showing friends and family around town when they come to visit.

After three years of heavy use, some of our bikes are starting to show some wear and tear. This summer Corvallis will be getting a brand new fleet of bikeshare bikes, upgraded with some new features for a smoother ride. The new bikes will get here just in time for Open Streets!

Interested in learning more? On the day of Open Streets, you can try out bikeshare with a $6 credit using the code OPENSTREETS19! Join us for the group ride by meeting at one of the designated stations along the bike routes, or swing by our booth at Open Streets. We’ll be showing off the new bikes and Pedal staff will be available to answer all your questions. We hope to see you there!

Steph Nappa

Assistant Transportation Planner

Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments

1400 Queen Ave SE #201

Albany, OR 97322


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