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The Community Health Centers of Benton and Linn Counties (CHC) includes six primary care clinics and a dental location at the Corvallis Boys & Girls Club. Of our locations, two are School Based Health Centers. One, the Lincoln Health Center, will be featured in the demonstration area for Corvallis Open Streets 2019. This clinic, located on the grounds of Lincoln Elementary School, serves students, families, and all ages of community residents.

School Based Health Centers (SBHCs) exist because of the evidence that healthy kids learn better. Their proximity to kids at school, families who interact with the school, or who live in the neighborhood or South Corvallis more broadly, ensures that people get the care they need, kids miss less class time, and services are delivered in a way that is convenient for families and community residents.

SBHCs are a unique health care model for comprehensive physical, mental and preventive health services provided to youth and adolescents either within a school or on school property. They have existed in Oregon since 1986 and use a funding model that includes public-private partnership between the Oregon Public Health Division, school districts, county public health departments, public and private practitioners, tribes, parents, students, and community members. With the upcoming remodel of Lincoln Elementary, the CHC is working with the facilities planning process to create a space that is integrated, accessible, and comprehensive from multiple points of view and stakeholders.

As a result of school based location, and focus on accessible and meaningful care for students and community, SBHCs reduce barriers such as cost, transportation, and caregivers time away from work. SBHCs provide a full range of physical, mental and preventative health services to all students, regardless of their ability to pay.

School Based Health Centers (SBHCs) exist because of the evidence that healthy kids learn better.

Open Streets is an opportunity to share the purpose and focus of the Lincoln Health Center – in large part understanding its central location for the community while considering the impact and possible solutions that surround a location on a busy stretch of road like Highway 99, which runs in front of the clinic. As the new school is built, consideration about traffic flow to the school and safe paths from the school to the clinic have been discussed. Access includes getting to the doctor, having high quality care, as well as doing so safely by foot, bike, or car.

With the chance to impact traffic flow and demonstrate walk/ride solutions during Open Streets, we can see the how changes in transportation patterns and modes could alter and work together with the mission of the event and with the well-being of the community and those we serve.

We are honored to participate in 2019 Open Streets, looking forward to talking about the possibility to integrated primary care for South Corvallis, and thinking about it all along a continuum from what happens inside our walls to how people get to the clinic, and around town, on a daily basis.

Christine Mosbaugh has a Master’s degree in Public Health. She has been the Engagement and Communications Coordinator for 3.5 years and is currently working on Population Health Management in the primary care home. Christine grew up in Corvallis, moved to Seattle and Eugene for college, and then lived in Cincinnati for 10 years after that. Her experience in health care includes women’s health, academic medicine, environmental health research, and now community-based primary care. She is very happy to be back in the Willamette Valley – raising her family and enjoying the diversity of experiences with the coast, valley, and mountains nearby.

Details about SBHCs were adapted from the Oregon School Based Health Alliance webpage.

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