Celebrating a Month of Active Travel

Last year, the City of Corvallis asked the community to help find, and develop, the Active Travel Corridor (ATC) network. Together, we identified over 100 ATCs, providing all of Corvallis with “people only” paths helping to shorten trips for those traveling by active modes. Check out Corvallis’ first Walking Map, highlighting these paths along with other foot-friendly locations.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Data for the Eric. E. Austin Memorial Bypass

The Corvallis Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) has completed two rounds of bicycle and pedestrian counts along the Eric E. Austin Memorial Bypass in South Corvallis and recently released a report documenting the findings. Counts were collected using automated counting equipment which was temporarily installed during each of the two study periods. The first deploymentContinue reading “Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Data for the Eric. E. Austin Memorial Bypass”