Resilience and Connection, Plus a Bonus French Word

Open Streets 2017 gave me the opportunity to combine two of my favorite things: flânerie and talking to strangers. A flâneur is a person who strolls around in urban environments. And talking to strangers adds a bit of improv to the act of strolling. I’m interested in resilience. There’s a “social ecology” to resilience –Continue reading “Resilience and Connection, Plus a Bonus French Word”

Eyes on the Street: Neighborhood Bikeways

Keep your eyes on the street for another Neighborhood Bikeway demonstration on August 19!  You may have heard these transportation corridors referred to as Bike Boulevards, Green Streets, or Neighborhood Greenways. Regardless of name, the vision for these streets is the same – “quiet”, low speed, low-stress side streets shared with motorists that feel safeContinue reading “Eyes on the Street: Neighborhood Bikeways”

Using Our Streets

Open Streets Corvallis gives you a chance to gain confidence and have fun while family or solo bicycling on Corvallis’ emerging neighborhood bikeways. In anticipation of this year’s event on August 19 between Cloverland Park and Harding Center, we wanted to share a couple of things we do when bicycling around town with our own littles.Continue reading “Using Our Streets”