Car Free in Corvallis, v.2

My name is Seth Skye, I’m a senior at OSU studying Natural Resources and Sustainability and I live car free. Growing up in Portland, Oregon, I have became accustomed to taking alternative modes of transportation from taking the bus or riding my bike.  Before I came to OSU, I was a student at Portland StateContinue reading “Car Free in Corvallis, v.2”

Community Shenanigans aka The Summer Games

Sometimes the best blog posts start with a call to action: Come find The Summer Games at Open Streets on August 18! In Lilly Park you’ll find The Resilience Project hosting 60-second autobiographies: sit down with a stranger for 60-seconds, find as many similarities as you can, then write a 60-second joint autobiography. Here’s anContinue reading “Community Shenanigans aka The Summer Games”

Pedal Corvallis: Your Neighborhood Bikeshare

Have you ever seen a collection of white bikes around town and wondered what they were? These bikes are part of Pedal Corvallis, your neighborhood bikeshare system. Pedal Corvallis was launched as a pilot in the summer of 2016 with six stations and a vision to help more people get where they need to goContinue reading “Pedal Corvallis: Your Neighborhood Bikeshare”